Happy birthday Lose the Box!

It's our birthday! Two years this month since I started Lose the Box, Nottingham Management! I'm still juggling it with a day job which is emotionally and physically draining at times. However I do it because I'm passionate about stepping out of my relatively safe...

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Lean or Agile in large service organisations?

Lean or Agile in large service organisations? Business Improvement consultants work in increasingly complex environments. The recently coined term – VUCA - really does spell it out. Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. So, I can totally understand that change...

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Why measure current business performance levels?

  Why measure current business performance levels? In this post, I’m discussing the importance of understanding and measuring current business performance levels. As a business leader faced with a situation that requires substantial improvement, it's easy to jump...

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Managing conflict in community organisations

Managing Conflict workshop In March 2017, Community Organisers Ltd  were appointed by the Civil Society to recruit and train 3,500 people in community organising. Working with Sneinton Alchemy, Nottingham, I designed and co-facilitated a workshop on managing conflict...

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Courage and confidence

This blog by Lose the Box, Nottingham, looks at the causes of low confidence, and explains some practical steps, hints and tips to grow in courage and confidence. It includes a brief case study and links to related information and sources of support.

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How to be a critical friend

Have you ever been offered the support of a ‘critical friend’ over the course of your career? How did you react? Did you internally recoil at the word ‘critical’, glaze over the word ‘friend’, and avoid the conversation at all costs? It doesn’t have to be like that....

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Making change stick

We frequently hear about failed projects that don’t deliver the change they were expected to. So what goes wrong with change? Why does the grass grow back? There are many statistics on the reasons for project failure. Up to 70% of companies have one failed project in...

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Effective performance management

This post explains why it's important to manage business performance at all levels: corporate, team and individual. This approach works in most organisations of 10 people and above, all sectors. We explain how a whole business approach makes employee performance...

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Leadership and management skills: walking the Gemba walk

Engagement is at the very heart of Leadership and Management. People talk the talk, but do you really know how to walk the Gemba walk? According to Wikipedia, in business, gemba is the ‘real place’ where value is created. In manufacturing the gemba is the factory...

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Top tips: leading effective meetings

You know what it's like.... How many times have you looked at a meeting agenda and thought ‘What’s this all about?’ Or worse – looked for an agenda that doesn’t exist? How often do you leave a meeting and never give it another thought? Admit it though - part of us...

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