Process Improvement

People are your most important assets, without them you would struggle to achieve your organisation’s goals. It’s vital to invest in them if you want them to engage fully in real process improvement.

Business Health Check

We always start with a complimentary light touch Business Health Check as this allows us to understand more about you and your people. This provides you with information to help set your priorities and determine how we can support you. If you need a more detailed Review, click here for information.



Team Charter

At the first team session, we agree a Team Charter. This helps regulate team attitudes and behaviours and is particularly important when discussing improvement processes which may lead to change. Because it’s been agreed, we find negative behaviours are readily challenged. This reduces tension and discussions are more light-hearted.


Tools To Engage

We use a variety of tools, which engage all the team and ensure that they enjoy the sessions. Visual Management allows the team to interact and encourages innovation and close collaboration. This process also helps to build the confidence of individuals and the team as a whole.

Four common projects that we can support you with are:

  • Team Building
  • Improvement Planning
  • Mapping Processes
  • Problem Solving

There may be other projects that are unique to your organisation. In these situations, we can create a tailor-made package just for you.


Embedding The Improvements

One of the main reasons organisations choose to work with us is that we make sure that there is knowledge and skills transfer to all involved. This encourages the team to continually improve processes using the tools we share with them.

We work with organisations based in the East Midlands including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Lincolnshire.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can work with you then please contact us directly on 07824 660 120 or email

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