Problem Solving

Problem solving is a core element of business improvement. It’s essential to work on the priority issues initially to free up time to work on the less urgent problems. We help you to achieve a more ordered and calm workplace where it’s likely to help reduce stress levels.

Most problem solving approaches help to eliminate waste and streamline processes. Process waste includes delays, duplicated effort, lack of training or information, and ‘blurred’ job descriptions.

Regardless of the type of industry you are in there is always some form of waste. For example in the manufacturing industry wastage may relate to raw materials whereas in the service industry waste can be unused skills, or unread reports.

Our extensive experience allows us to mix and match tools and approaches according to your exact requirements. For example, principles and tools that originally related to factory production lines can be equally applied to digital information flows in the public sector.

We will work with you to objectively identify the key issues. We will help you prioritise and plan activity to resolve these key issues. You will have the capacity to take on new responsibilities or services.

We have an extensive and diverse range of interactive, creative approaches for problem solving. We keep them simple as this generates energy and confidence for teams to innovate and own their solutions.

Our broad approach to problem solving tools draws on the Japanese quality gurus like Kaoru Ishikawa and Shigeo Shingo. Our overarching principles are based on W. Edwards Deming’s cycle of continuous improvement – Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA).

Blending these approaches, we will help you to:

  • Study the problem and the challenges being faced
  • Develop the desired situation that will resolve the problem
  • Study waste and lost opportunities in the current system
  • Understand skills and capacity gaps
  • Understand what your customer or market requires
  • Use problem solving tools to meet customer requirements
  • Identify achievable timescales and measures for you

We are confident that no matter what the problem is that you encounter we can work with you and help you take action. We work with organisations based in the East Midlands including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Lincolnshire.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can work with you then please contact us directly on 07824 660 120 or email

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