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Leading business change

You are a business leader, manager or a business owner with a strong social conscience.

Your business is growing or transforming. You need to introduce more structure to coordinate this expansion, yet you don’t want to stifle innovation.

You’ve heard about our creative, engaging approach to business planning and improvement.

You ask us to help make business change a good experience for you, your partners and your people.


Here’s how we can help

Using our unique skills, we will give you the confidence, courage and capability to do all of this. We can: 

  • review your business vision and help you plan and achieve your goals  

  • teach you the simple science behind managing business performance 

  • coach you  to build effective working relationships

  • train your teams to solve problems and streamline processes 

Lose the Box video

In this video interview, the founder, Maureen Whyman is interviewed about her brand, ” a day in the life”, and highlights of her work with clients.

Leading improvement

Our flowcharts outline the types of change management programmes and workshops we design and deliver for our clients.

For example, if you are a leader facing change or transformation in your business, we can teach you to use a coaching approach, or we can  review what’s needed on your behalf. We will help you identify, scope and plan the changes required. We can also help you to measure and improve your business performance.   

See here to read about more about us – why we do what we do; our values and objectives for supporting leaders, managers, business owners; and the wider East Midlands community.

Process improvement

Our flowcharts outline the types of process improvement programmes and workshops we design and deliver for our clients.

For example, if you have a team or a group of partners we can enhance their working relationships. We help clarify and improve work processes. We can help with planning for collaborative change, and with working more effectively, using problem solving and process mapping techniques. Our approach helps your business run more smoothly and contributes to staff wellbeing.  

See here to read our Blogs and case studies for further detail of how we work with you, your partners and your teams. 

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“Maureen’s wealth of experience in associated lean methods around Change is clear and her confidence to stop the group rushing towards solutions is particularly helpful. She is pragmatic, a team player and someone excited to bring about positive ideas in the field of Change within Public Services. Exactly the type of person the group needs.”

Bob Thomas

Chair, Association for Project Management, Enabling Change SIG

“Maureen has volunteered for Click Nottingham (formerly Nottingham Circle). Maureen has provided exceptional consultancy support to design, co-facilitate and evaluate new processes and structures. We have already started to see performance improvement and this is just the start! This has been an invaluable resource, at a critical growth point.”

Toni Esberger

CEO, Click Nottingham

“I have been impressed by the approach you have taken towards a remarkably ‘challenging’ team. I was interested by the clarity with which you applied the technique of ‘test’ and ‘challenge’; something that many managers don’t use effectively. You are a tremendous asset to this project and you have a wonderful professionalism which engenders tremendous trust and respect.”

Alison Bingham

Director of Business & Enterprise, The Bulwell Academy, Nottingham

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