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Effective improvement teams are key to success

What does a successful organisation look like? Below we have three key areas that help your business achieve success, no matter how large or small your organisation is:

  • Leaders have a clear strategy and mechanisms for managing performance
  • Teams are motivated to work together
  • Processes are well understood, and regularly improved

If any of these three areas are not working well, it can have a knock-on effect towards others. That’s where we can step in and help.

We work with a wide range of organisations in Nottingham and across the East Midlands that need some external support to help them get back on track. The types of organisations we work with are:

  • Private Sector: Ambitious companies that are growing
  • Public Sector: Local Authorities, Health and Education
  • Social Enterprises that are supporting vulnerable people

We have years of experience in change management and business improvement. This allows us to work with you to review current processes and skills and advise on how you can take these steps to achieve success.

We combine innovative techniques and behavioural science to create the approach that will suit your organisation, people, and culture. We can assure you that working with us will not only maximise performance and achieve success, you will have fun along the way.

So How Can We Make A Difference?

  • We work with leaders to offer support, improve skills and to help them engage more effectively with their teams
  • By supporting teams to build technical skills and work effectively together, we can improve business processes
  • We help organisations succeed by putting structures and measures in place to achieve their goals

Most importantly, we take pride in ensuring that all the skills and techniques we use are transferred to teams within your organisation so they can sustain and embed the change long term.

Using these approaches we can help you solve long-term problems in a short space of time. For example we:

  • Improved caseworker productivity by 80%
  • Halved the length of recruitment exercises using half the resources
  • Facilitated a strategic communication plan following 6 months’ inertia
  • Scoped 600 project tasks in a 2 hour workshop
  • Strengthened team improvement skills from 2% to 70%

We work with organisations based in the East Midlands including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Lincolnshire.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can work with you, then please contact us directly on 07824 660 120 or email info@losethebox.co.uk



Business coaching

* Would you like to be more confident about leading change?

* Do you shy away from difficult conversations with your colleagues?

Strategic reviews

* Do you sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture?

* Do you need a root and branch review of your business plan?

Scoping and planning

* Are your goals and timescales kept mainly in your head?

* Do you regularly review and replan your business processes, goals and changes?

* Is your business plan three months or more out of date?

Corporate performance

* Do you know how well your business is currently performing?

* Do you have clear business processes with realistic targets and success measures?

* Will you know when you’ve achieved your goals?

Process improvement


Effective teamworking

* Do your people put obstacles in the way of change?

* Are they content to continue doing things the way they always have?

* Do they appear reluctant to make suggestions for improvement?

Improvement Planning

Do your team discuss barriers to change more than the opportunities?

Process mapping

* Do you agree that process mapping is useful?

* Do you know how process maps can be used to add value

Problem solving

* Do you take a planned and structured approach to problem solving?

* Do you work out what the problem is costing you beforehand?

Interested in a free business healthcheck?

A FREE business health check might be for you. More here.

“Maureen’s wealth of experience in associated lean methods around Change is clear and her confidence to stop the group rushing towards solutions is particularly helpful. She is pragmatic, a team player and someone excited to bring about positive ideas in the field of Change within Public Services. Exactly the type of person the group needs.” Bob Thomas

Chair, Association for Project Management, Enabling Change SIG

“Maureen has volunteered for Click Nottingham (formerly Nottingham Circle). Maureen has provided exceptional consultancy support to design, co-facilitate and evaluate new processes and structures. We have already started to see performance improvement and this is just the start! This has been an invaluable resource, at a critical growth point.” Toni Esberger

CEO, Click Nottingham

“I have been impressed by the approach you have taken towards a remarkably ‘challenging’ team. I was interested by the clarity with which you applied the technique of ‘test’ and ‘challenge’; something that many managers don’t use effectively. You are a tremendous asset to this project and you have a wonderful professionalism which engenders tremendous trust and respect.” Alison Bingham

Director of Business & Enterprise, The Bulwell Academy, Nottingham

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