Resetting business plansAre you a small business owner, entrepreneur or sole trader? 

Are you resetting your business following Covid-19 pandemic challenges? 

Do you have a revised vision for where you want your business to be in five years?  

Have you set out what you need to do, month by month, and year by year, to reach your business goals? 

If not, a simple, creative approach called Transformation mapping could be for you.

We are running video and face-to-face coaching programmes to help business leaders reset their plans as a result of Covid-19 on their business. 

What is a transformation map?

A TMap is a creative business planning tool that:

  • engages busy people in change
  • gives just enough structure while encouraging creativity
  • helps reduce business burnout

The TMap design and application encourage:

  • high level thinking
  • key themes which support the business goal
  • prioritised tasks & activities
  • a line of sight from current plans to long-term goals
  • memory recall – even if you don’t look at it again!

Why choose my creative planning workshops?

I’m an experienced and empathetic coach and facilitator, skilled in business improvement. I’ll get the best out of you in the time we will be working together. Here’s what others have said about my approach to creative business planning. 

Here’s what others have said about my creative planning workshops.

“I found it very informative and very interesting, I also met some interesting people. Well done you ….your presentation was great and I found much of what you said very useful.”

“Really useful to think of future goals, and then break down how to reach these.”

“Really appreciate the support – and mentoring was fantastic”

“Specific actions to help us more with business planning”

“The Transformation map and SWOT analysis will influence how I do business”  

Further information

Here is a link to a template you can purchase to convert your paper TMap into an electronic format.   

And here’s a link to my homepage where you can find out more about the services I provide to help small businesses thrive.  

If you want to discuss whether a creative planning workshop could be for you, please get in touch on 07824 660120 or by email to We are running workshops either remotely or face to face, with Covid-19 safety uppermost in our minds.  


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