Why do projects fail?

What are the main reasons for projects delivering less improvement than expected, for delays, or even for failing to deliver at all? Why are there so many reports that change, whether public sector or private sector, is not managed well?

Conflict at work

In my experience, there is a key, but often hidden reason that projects fail. This happens when people’s natural fear of change isn’t adequately acknowledged and addressed. This fear then shows up as conflict – between stakeholders, towards team leaders or directed towards the proposed change itself. All of which are disruptive or even destructive to plans and progress.

Watch this video explanation

For me, the best way to support teams or groups through change is to engage them in shared emotions, concerns and solutions. I do this by encouraging them to work collaboratively together, and to ‘have a go’ at working out the best way to make the required change.  This video explains more.  Please let me know if it’s helpful, and get in touch if you need further advice!


Report – Gower Project Management Handbook, 2nd edition. With thanks to author Martin Samphire, who is a Company Director and holds Governance portfolio responsibilities on Association for Project Management (APM) bodies.

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Maureen Whyman is the owner of Lose the Box, a Business Improvement consultancy based in Nottingham, the East Midlands. We blend simple science with creative facilitation, inspiring leaders, managers and teams to work more collaboratively and productively together.

Our unique approach generates confidence and commitment to change and transformation. This strengthens personal well-being, skills, and processes for organisations, achieving long-lasting improvement and suucess. See testimonials here.

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