You name it ….

Lab technician, Quality Assurance, ISO 9000, Total Quality Management, Business Excellence, Investors in People, Just in Time, Lean Management, Systems Thinking, Agile …. there are so many quality models  – and guess what?  I’ve read the books, and got ALL those tee-shirts!

Through the years, I turned down roles in retail management, stores management and line management – because I am fascinated with the evolution of  quality management. I repeatedly fought to return to ‘quality’ roles. Witnessing its evolution, and researching the quality gurus’ approaches has been a real education. Nine times out of ten, an improvement project evolves according to the people involved, their experience, skills, values and behaviours. It rarely, if ever, follows the text-book.

People matter

Over the years, I’ve become increasingly involved in developing and implementing national, or corporate change roles. Working primarily in service environments, I’ve come to realise that people and their personalities are all that matters when it comes to business improvement. My focus is on working out how to win people over to change.

Top ten tips

This is how we operate at Lose the Box. We tailor our approach to the individuals and teams we work with. Here’s a summary of our top ten tips, based on over 30 years’ driving total quality management, Lean and business improvement projects:

  • Focus on winning hearts and minds, especially those of the sceptics
  • Keep it simple, creative and fun
  • Generate a ‘have a go’ environment to transfer skills to leaders and teams
  • Calculate the cost of existing problems or waste
  • Calculate the time or money to be saved by making improvements
  • Develop plans and communication approaches including structured meetings
  • Use simple mapping and problem solving team tools, to make improvements
  • Introduce performance measures to monitor progress towards improvement
  • Don’t avoid difficult conversations, learn to talk with facts and evidence instead
  • Introduce light touch reviews, and revise targets upwards to reflect continuous improvement environment

Want to know more?

If you want more information on introducing business improvement that works, give us a call, comment here, or ask a question via our homepage


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